The Allergen Solution: Flooring

allergy-18656_960_720Reducing the places in your home that allergen and asthma triggers can settle and hide greatly improves the air quality in your home, which reduces symptoms like watery eyes and sinus ailments.

Regarded as one of the most beautiful flooring options, hardwood floors are a great choice for people that are sensitive to allergens. Because they provide a hard, smooth surface, they are easy to clean. There is no room for dust mites to hide, and once cleaned, you’ll be left with a completely dust and hair-free surface.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers all the benefits of a hard surface, easy cleaning, easy care and no pockets to collect moisture, mold or mites. There is also an antibacterial agent built into the manufacturing process.

Allergy season has rolled around once again. Your flooring might be the last thing that you think about in terms of ways that you can alleviate your suffering, but it should be high on your list of solutions!