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Every pre-owned rug is professionally cleaned on both sides when we acquire it, and again when it is sold. Buy with confidence, we do not ship rugs unless we are satisfied with their condition. Our company has over 100 years of rug cleaning experience and we take pride in our clients’ satisfaction.

Rug care is essential to keep your rugs in top shape. Call us at 716-852-0556 to schedule a pick-up of your rug.

If any staining should occur to your item, time is of the essence. First blot lightly with a dry towel, little by little increase the pressure of the blotting. Next take a damp dishtowel and use something simple like a dishsoap, dawn palmolive, etc… and pull toward the center of the stain so that it does not spread. Never use any chemically based products which could permanently discolor the item.

Before any of this, call a professional rug cleaner that will come and pick up the rug, clean it, and bring it back. If that is too expensive, see if someone will do an in home cleaning in your area. This along with the blot/clean that you perform should indeed keep any stain from setting in.