Luxury vinyl flooring is a durable alternative that's also resilient and easy to clean; perfect for any mudroom!

Upgrade to Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Your Mudroom

Spring rains, summer showers, winter snow. It seems we can't escape the precipitation here in Western New York! If you're tired of looking at outdated ...
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Neutrals never go out of style so get a Gabbeh Rug from David Tiftickjian and Sons to decorate your favorite interior space.

Never Go Out of Style with a Neutral Gabbeh Rug

Neutrals never go out of style because they provide a perfect backdrop that isn't overwhelming on the eyes and compliments any decor theme! Whether you're ...
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When you need a low maintenance, easy to clean alternative to carpeting, turn to hardwood flooring with the help of David Tiftickjian and Sons.

Hardwood Flooring: The Easy to Clean Alternative to Carpeting

Every parent understands the importance – and the struggle – of keeping a clean home. In the blink of an eye toys can be tossed ...
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Mahal rugs from David Tiftickjian & Sons are vibrant, highly decorative, sophisticated pieces that will enhance any interior.

Enhance Any Room With A Vibrant Mahal Rug

Art and functionality collide in "NEW 5FT. X 7FT. TRANSITIONAL MAHAL." This Tift Tuesday area rug highlights the traditional beauty of oriental rugs and is ...
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Soften the appearance of your kitchen with a Kazak runner rug from David Tiftickjian and Sons.

“Soften” Your Kitchen By Adding A Kazak Runner Rug

Picture your kitchen: countertops, cabinets, an island, appliances. All these items present as hard, sometimes even industrial surfaces. But the kitchen is the heart of ...
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Get a stunning area rug from the Spice Market by Karastan Collection to warm up cool hardwood, vinyl, or tile floors.

An Area Rug To Provide Warmth Underfoot

We may love hot summer days but we also love the occasional break from the heat. Before you crank the AC to cool off your ...
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Mother's Day Gift Idea: A beautiful Balouch area rug from David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Stunning Area Rug!

Looking for a last minute Mother's Day gift? Light and dark combine for a beautiful area rug that brings color, dimension, and character into any ...
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Refresh your office with professionally installed broadloom carpet from David Tiftickjian and Sons.

Refresh Your Office With Spring Inspired Carpet

Trying to refresh your office with new broadloom carpeting to create a "home away from home" that keeps you upbeat and motivated all day long? ...
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Square up with a square Kazak rug from David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Square Up with a Square Kazak Rug

Square up with Tift Tuesday pick "NEW 7FT. X 7FT. GEOMETRIC KAZAK"––a big, bold, and blue statement piece! Kazak rugs feature stunning colors, a large ...
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David Tiftickjian and Sons can custom cut any broadloom carpet to fit your staircase to make it more pet friendly.

Scouting for the Perfect Stair Runner

Scouting for the perfect stair runner to make your staircase more pet friendly? Let David Tiftickjian and Sons assist! A quality stair runner extends the ...
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Add color to any space with a multicolored Modern Gabbeh rug from David Tiftickjian and Sons.

A Modern Multi-Colored Area Rug

Some people are afraid to use too many colors while others embrace a kaleidoscope of hues in their decor. Achieve the best of both words ...
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David Tiftickjian and Sons has a wide variety of oriental rugs including Turkish Art Silk area rugs.

Enjoy The “Fringe Benefit” of This Art Silk Rug

Transform your floor into a work of art with an exquisite area rug woven with great attention to detail. Our Tift Tuesday pick "NEW 2FT ...
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David Tiftickjian and Sons offers a wide variety of luxury vinyl flooring options to fit any style or budget.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Selecting A Timeless Tone

Style trends come and go but natural hardwood flooring tends to outlive most. When you need a durable, budget-friendly alternative that still has the look ...
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Ensure your home is dressed to impress this summer and add this Mahal area rug from David Tiftickjian & Sons to your dining room.

Ensure Your Home Is Prepared For Any Weather With A. Mahal Area Rug

Planning to host this summer's family gatherings? When you have a spacious backyard, it's easy to get together and fire up the grill. But the ...
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Spice up your bedroom decor with the Spice Market by Karastan collection. David Tiftickjian and Sons is an official Karastan dealer.

Spice Up Your Bedroom Decor with the Spice Market by Karastan Collection

It's hard to believe but this time next month you could be turning on the air conditioning to regulate the temperature in your home. When ...
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Add this beautiful green Kazak area rug to your living room with David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Go Green with a Kazak Area Rug

Make a splash this April and take home a Tift Tuesday pick that celebrates spring, a season characterized by new growth and a thousand shades ...
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Nylon carpet is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and durable, meaning it will withstand heavy foot traffic without getting crushed.

Commercial Carpeting: Nylon Carpet for Communal Spaces

Does your building have a community space? Find the perfect combination of "fashion and function" for your communal workspace with commercial carpet from David Tiftickjian ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons carries a variety of runner rugs including Kazak runner rugs.

Enhance Your Hallway With A Long Runner Rug

When you have a long narrow hallway, hanging wall decor can make it feel cramped or close. Adding a quality runner rug, however, can elongate ...
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How long does carpet last? It depends on several factors including age.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

Stop for a second and think about how old your carpet is. 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Age can be a major factor when ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons carries a wide variety of persian rugs, like traditional Tabriz, for your flooring decor needs.

Rotate or Swap Your Rug For Spring

The Spring Equinox was yesterday which means this week is a great time to rotate or swap your rugs! Rotating your rug helps it to ...
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