Benefits of Commercial Carpeting

Commercial Carpeting adds value and enhances the look and feel of commercial spaces. While ideal for companies like Banks, Office Buildings, Senior Care Facilities, and Call Centers, there are numerous advantages that make carpeting the ideal floor choice for any business.

Noise Canceling: With phone calls, heavy foot traffic, and employee interaction, an office space can get loud fast. Wall to wall commercial carpeting helps dampen noise levels within the workplace and acts a sound barrier between floors. Between meeting rooms and office space, wall to wall carpeting will absorb any sound level through the carpet fibers. By absorbing sounds, commercial carpeting also helps increase employee productivity. 

Reduces Slips: Nothing is more satisfying than stepping on a soft, plush carpet. Commercial Carpeting not only cushions your footsteps, it provides traction to reduce the number of slips and falls that may occur. A safety protection for everyone, carpeting is particularly great for schools, hospitals, and nursing homes to minimize injuries. 

Saves Energy: Carpeting is known to insulate rooms up to 17 times better than other flooring products. Its natural construction is known for keeping rooms warmer in the winter months and cooler during the summer. 

Quick Installation: Wall to wall commercial carpeting has a very cost effective and timely installation. Unlike most other flooring projects, carpeting can be installed over any surface and can be quickly torn out and replaced.

Cost Effective: Usually, the cost of carpet (excluding fine wool products) is relatively low, when compared to other flooring projects like hardwood and tile. Carpet also has a long life when maintained saving you money in the long term.

Cleaner Air: A properly installed and clean carpet can reduce the number of airborne pollutants and allergens within a room by up to 4 times when properly cleaned and maintained. With fewer airborne illnesses, your employees and clients will be more focused on your business and breathe easy.