June Featured Rug Collection

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Available Online or In Our Showrooms

June marks the official start of summer! While you may be gearing up to spend more time outdoors, don’t forget about the time still spent inside. And don’t miss out on this chance to bring home one of the colorful one-of-a-kind Oushak rugs in our June Featured Rug Collection!

These Oushak rugs offer exceptional quality and feature a beautiful marriage of color and composition for a rug series you can’t find just anywhere. From soft pinks and rich purples to dazzling ivories and rustic reds, color has been meticulously used to craft floral-inspired patterns and designs. 

Our monthly Featured Rug Collections are carefully curated to showcase some of the most captivating, timeless, and well-constructed one-of-a-kind rugs available at David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Don’t let the sun set on this opportunity to find the next family heirloom!

We invite you to view these rugs in person at our Downtown Buffalo or Williamsville showrooms, or purchase online to have it delivered right to your home.

June Featured Rug Collection