Protect Your Hardwood With A Stair Runner

Hardwood flooring is an investment and like with any investment, you want to protect it. Area rugs are a great way to protect hardwood in areas of your home that see the most foot traffic: inside the front door, in a hallway, next to a bed, in a living room or den. When it comes to your staircase, another high traffic area, protect your hardwood with a stair runner.

Stair runners are essentially carpet that runs down the center of the steps, leaving the hardwood exposed on the edges. Stair runners will protect your steps from general wear and tear but also increase traction, making it safer for you and your family by reducing your risk of slipping or falling.

Stair runners can be cut to fit any staircase style: straight, curved, single or double landings, pie steps, and more! Contact David Tiftickjian & Sons today at 716-634-8835 to find the right style and color for your home!

Featured Stair Runner: Rhythmic (Cool Metal) by Anderson Tuftex