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India is one of the largest producers of hand-made oriental rugs. At present, India is one of the primary sources for both pile and flat-woven rugs available in an impressive range of qualities, designs, colorations, and sizes. Indeed, Indian weavers have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to ever-changing Western decorative tastes while recreating Persian rug designs at increasingly higher quality standards. As in the past, Indian weaving production is currently organized on a cottage industry basis, and the vast majority of pile rugs and flat weaves are crafted in villages throughout the Mirzapur/Bhadohi region while smaller centers are located in Jaipur, Gwalior, Kashmir, Agra, and Amritsar.

Aubusson-patterned rugs are now a minor factor in the export market, as Persian-design carpets constitute the predominant category of Indian pile rugs woven today. Thanks to the weavers’ expert understanding and execution of design, coloration, and knot density, these rugs are often considered to best approximate the look, texture, and feel of their Iranian-made counterparts.

Kashan, Tabriz, Kerman, Sarouk, and Bijar are among the many popular Persian patterns that have inspired faithful recreations and innovative adaptions. The indian weaver has mastered the rendition of these patterns in traditional Persian-style hues (e.g. dark reds and blues) and in contemporary colorations, including jewel tones and pastels, attuned to the very latest in home furnishings fashion trends.

India is equally renowned for its production of flat weaves, notable hurries and chainstitch rugs whose techniques are indigenous to its culture and date back possibly several thousand years. These handcrafted flat weaves blend in with a variety of contemporary and traditional settings while offering an excellent and affordable purchasing opportunity that may be particularly appealing to a first-time buyer.

India is a world leader in oriental rug exports thanks to its tremendous production capacity and to its weavers’ dexterity, versatility, and willingness to constantly experiment with color and design combinations in an attempt to be responsive to American consumer demand. India offers a complete range of pile and flat-woven rugs in a wide range of qualities, styles, colors, and sizes. These handcrafted floor coverings are suitable for a broad spectrum of decorative specifications in residential and commercial settings alike.

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