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Weaving in Romania is performed exclusively by women and is a closely supervised global enterprise. The wool used in their carpets, although coarse, is resilient and lustrous.

Traditionally, most designs have been inspired by Persian patterns. Most popular in the Bucuresti quality are Persian designs such as Herizes, Kashans, and Sarouks executed in traditional colors and in a broad range of fashion colors. Sizes range from small scatters to over-sized and custom-sized rugs, with runs up to 30 feet long. Romanian weavers today continue to use traditional flat-weaving techniques to execute the very characteristic curvilinear floral designs. These often incorporate geometric motifs and display a wide range of decorative colorations.

Romania offers a tremendous production potential mainly due to its talented and well-trained weavers to its high quality control standards. Thanks to the weavers’ adeptness at executing a variety of design types in both pile and kilim rugs, today’s buyers have a realm of decorative choices at their fingertips.