Texture, comfort, style and integrity define Tufenkian Tibetan Carpets. In the spirit of the 19th century English Arts and Crafts movement, Tufenkian Tibetan carpets introduce inspired designs with striking presence. Contemporary Tibetan weaving is a harmony of age old craftsmanship in current style and coloration. The results are versatile carpets which serve to support the design of the room without overwhelming it.

The primitive, handcrafted look of these carpets, characterized by styled patterns and tastefully orchestrated color schemes, has great appeal for the American consumer.

Originally produced as mats, door covers, saddle bags, bed covers, and pillar rugs, traditional Tibetan weavings generally reflect the significance of Buddhist religion in Tibetan culture and art. Various Chinese design elements were also adopted and transformed by the Tibetans as evidenced by the common use of the phoenix, dragon, and lotus symbols in traditional Tibetan carpets. Today, design schemes featured in Tibetan/Nepalese carpets range from Westernized adaptations of traditional Tibetan motifs to a vast medley of foreign and contemporary free-form patterns. Among the patterns adapted from the non-Tibetan cultures are traditional Persian, Turkish, French, Bessarabian, and American southwest Indian. The contemporary-design rugs feature bold geometrics on open fields and adaptations of Art Deco designs. Whatever their ethnic origins, Tibetan/Nepalese patterns bespeak a compelling simplicity that is enhanced by a color spectrum spanning from the rich reds and blues to the softer lavenders and treys. In some cases, these hues are obtained through the use of vegetable dyes.

Generally, the yarn used in Tibetan/Nepalese carpets is carded and spun by hand. This gives the face of these carpets a wonderful depth and richness achieved through the subtle variation of color and texture. Some rugs are woven exclusively with Tibetan wool which is characteristically flexible, strong, lustrous, and springy. The majority of the rugs woven are a blend of Tibetan and imported wool.

Tibetan carpets impart the rustic charm, characteristic of their traditional Tibetan counterparts, while featuring fashion-oriented colors and designs available in a full range of sizes. These bold, eclectic patterns and collations heightened by a rich texture reveal a primitive sophistication unique to these carpets.

According to Christ Tiftickjian, Tibetan carpets offer a great alternative to the classic Persian patterns and colors. Find the best selection of Tibetan carpets at our Sheridan Drive store.