rug storage

When storing a hand woven textile of any type, one should use extreme caution.  Inactivity, lack of sunlight, and/or moisture can be detrimental to the life and longevity of your rug or textile.  If improperly stored, mold and mildew can penetrate your item and begin to grow within your rug.  Not only does this cause an odor, but if improperly washed, these invisible spots may cause pets to urinate.  Urine, mold, and inactivity attract the real threat, MOTHS!  Moths will eat clean through the wool pile of any rug, leaving only the cotton foundation and some dust.  So, when storing your rug longterm, first have it professionally cleaned.  Next, roll the rug up with moth balls.  They are very powerful so you do not need too many (Sometimes, one can use cedar balls, however they do not work as well).   After it is rolled, wrap the rug in at least two layers of impenetrable plastic wrap, and seal the seams with Duct Tape.  Make sure each seam is adequately covered, to keep moisture from penetrating your wrap.