Shoes, Socks or Bare Feet? Keeping your Carpet Clean.

Proper care is essential to keeping your rug in top shape. However, even little things like what you are or are not wearing on your feet can affect your carpets. So what is the best way to maintain your carpet floors: Wearing shoes, going completely bare foot, or slipping on some warm and comfy socks?

Bare Feet:

Did you know the soles of your feet have sweat glands? That moisture will transfer from your foot to your carpet, leaving small amounts on the surface of your carpet. Moisture on your carpet attracts soil, which can build up over time.


We all know shoes track in dust, dander and even mud from outside into your home. However, shoes are actually a better option than walking barefoot. Unless it rained, shoes will not track moisture into your home. Also, a majority of the time, the dirt your shoes leave behind on your carpet can be vacuumed on a regular basis.


A clean pair of socks is by far your best bet when it comes to properly maintaining your carpet floors. Socks keep the oil from your feet inside the socks, preventing transfer directly to your carpet. Socks are also protected by your shoes when you go outside. Unless you have a hole in your shoe, your socks will stay dirt-free. 

So what is another option?

Slippers! Many people wear house shoes (or slippers) around the house. Keep a pair by your door and change your shoes when you come home. Not only will your carpet be clean, but your feet will also be cozy and warm! Your feet and your carpet will thank you!

Love your carpet this Valentines Day! Come in to Tiftickjian & Sons to check out a new rug for your home or talk to us about carpet cleaining!