Stunning Small Area Rugs For Buyers On A Budget

With so many people in your life that you want to thank, the season of giving can wear on your wallet. This holiday season, give a gift that’s practical, long-lasting, affordable, and that everyone in the family can enjoy: an area rug!

Area rugs are full of character thanks to an array of colors, motifs, and designs. Even the smallest rug can make a large style impact. Area rugs also provide a host of functional benefits:
• A long lifespan
• Sound absorption
• Cushion underfoot
Area rugs can act as non-physical room dividers to help you designate specific spaces within your home, and anchor furniture to keep everything in place.

At David Tiftickjian and Sons we have an area rug for every budget, with many under $800, like Tift Tuesday pick “NEW 3ft. x 5ft. MODERN GABBEH!”

Shop now to bring a one-of-a-kind rug home before the new year:

NEW 3ft. x 5ft. Modern Gabbeh

At David Tiftickjian and Sons we have area rugs for every budget, with many under $800.

Featured 3’x4′ and 3’x5′ Rugs Under $700