I have worked with David, Jr. for years. He has always gone the extra mile to make sure everything was just right.

He even came up with an ingenious solution for my office carpet that made it look as if it was wall to wall; but, actually was designed to fit perfectly and be taken out if it there was a flood. Unfortunately, my office has flooded three times, so this idea was a major coup.

Years ago, during one of those Noah’s Ark occasions, he even arranged to have a professional cleaner come in, and this was when tons of people’s basements flooded and no one was available to help.

They have a huge array of rugs, from ancient to modern, and a wide range of wall to wall carpets.

The customer service is impeccable.


If you have rugs you likely already know about this store.  They can take your well loved rug and perk it right up.  It wont cost a fortune either, and its well worth the effort it may take to move the furniture etc.  They will pick it up and bring it back.  It will come back repaired if needed and clean for sure.

You can also buy rugs here.  All sorts, and if they get an idea of what you are looking for, they will go find it for you.  New or used.

Rugs are not an everyday purchase, and you are likely going to be better off going to a store to actually see them live than trying to buy from pictures.  You could get lucky and find some ones to your liking at an auction, but that’s very hit or miss, and you may still be without a rug a year from now.  Its worth going to see what they have.


I bought an absolutely outstanding large used oriental rug!  The perfect shabby chic look I wanted and so clean – service from Michael was excellent!


The Delaware store is like entering Ali Baba’s cave. Antique, new, imported, American made, modern design, vegetable dyed, sun bleached, hand knotted, hand tufted, loomed – they have all the rugs.  Originally Armenian and somehow related to Emily Dickinson, four generations of Tiftickjians have been selling rugs in Buffalo.

Buying a rug is fun but it’s scary too – it’s expensive, it’s basically forever and there’s a lot to know. It’s an exercise in trust. The Tiftickjians bring them to the house and “let you live with them for a while.”  It’s a complete reversal of the usual customer/seller relationship and it’s a great and rare experience


I recently purchased Chinese rugs from David Tiftickjiam & Sons dating back to the early 1900s. The idea of purchasing anything online specially a used antique rug never appealed to me. Not anymore! All I can saw is WOW! What treasure these antique rugs are. True pieces of art. The rugs sold to me were well maintained and CLEAN. Their website offers a great gallery of the stock available and if you call their office and speak to Mike, he will personally send you more pictures of the rug you are jnterested in. My main concern about purchasing antique rugs was that they would be stained, ripped, and moldy. Mike, from the store, was honest about the conditions of the rug. He made sure I knew of a small rip on one rug before I purchased it. I was I interested in a beautiful 12 x 12 square rug which apparently had been washed when they acquired it. Upon inspecting it Mike realized that it got damaged and refused to sell me the rug – I truly appreciated his honesty and made the online shopping experience so much more trusting. Mike made sure that the rugs were professionally cleaned before being shipped to me. Upon shipment he provide tracking numbers of and offered great follow up customer service – even sending paper receipt of purchase by regular mail. If you are looking for something really unique for a special place in your home or office you will be sure to find it with Tiftijackjian & Sons.