David Tiftickjian and Sons offers professional hardwood flooring installation throughout Wester New York.

Hardwood Flooring and Air Quality

Replacing wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood may seem like a big decision to commit to, but hardwood flooring has a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits ...
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Get an 11'x14' Kashan Rug from David Tiftickjian and Sons in Buffalo, NY.

Go BIG With An 11’x14′ Kashan Rug

Looking for a larger than life area rug that combines contemporary ivory, blue, and gold with a more traditional design? Rugs like "VINTAGE 11FT. X ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons is a proud dealer of Karastan area rugs.

Spice Up Your Floor Decor with a Consciously Created Karastan Rug

David Tiftickjian & Sons is proud to be an official dealer of Karastan rugs like "Spice Market Petra Multi," a rug that's even more beautiful ...
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David Tiftickjian and Sons offers a variety of Balouch rugs, oriental rugs under $200, and area rugs of all sizes.

Decorate Your Man Cave

Even man caves and bachelor pads need a rug. (Or two!) Area rugs add dimension and color, provide comfort and warmth underfoot, and prevent a ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons offers an extensive array of luxury vinyl flooring options to help you find the flooring that fits your tastes, budget, and lifestyle.

Get The Floor of Your Dreams with Luxury Vinyl

What if you could get a floor that was beautiful to look at, comfortable to stand on, quiet, and full of the same character as ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons carries an extensive array of round rugs, rectangular rugs, and oriental rugs to fit your flooring needs.

No Way ‘Round It: This Rug’s Got Potential

Valentine's Day is over but there's never a wrong time to gift your loved one (or yourself) something that has style, function, and value...like a ...
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Reap a host of benefits and reinvigorate your living room with a gorgeous Oushak Rug from David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Reinvigorate Your Living Room with an Oushak Rug

Happy Valentines Day! Looking for a "last minute" gift that won't wilt, get eaten, or thrown away in a handful of days? Give a gift ...
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Reinvigorate your office and refresh old office spaces with new commercial carpet from David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Refresh Old Office Spaces With New Commercial Carpet

Employee acquisition is an important part of any business but so is employee retention. This means the environment in which your employees spend their days ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons offers professional residential carpet installation. Learn about the benefits of bedroom carpet.

Carpet: Better Bedroom Flooring

"Hardwood or carpet?" is an age old question with an ever changing answer based on your needs, lifestyle, budget, and style goals. But when it ...
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This Valentine's Day, show your love with a Mamluk Rug and get cushion underfoot in your kitchen.

Show Your Love with a Mamluk Rug

Think about how much time you spend each day in your kitchen standing on hardwood or tile flooring. Wouldn't you prefer warmth and comfort underfoot ...
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Protect your hardwood flooring with a stair runner rug from David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Shape Is Not An Obstacle For Stair Runner Rugs

When it comes to stair runners, shape is never an obstacle! Whether you want to conceal worn hardwood stairs or want to protect your stairs ...
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David Tiftickjian and Sons sells high quality Oriental Rugs, Kashan Rugs, and more.

An Oriental Rug: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Celebrating your first Valentine's Day as a married couple? Go in on a gift you'll both reap the benefits of for years to come and ...
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Let David Tiftickjian & Sons help you find the right luxury vinyl flooring for rooms with high humidity.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Rooms with High Humidity

Hardwood flooring is plenty of people's style goal, but in rooms that experience frequent fluctuations in humidity, you need an alternative material that can withstand ...
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David Tiftickjian carries a variety of red, pink, vintage, or Hamadan rugs.

A Feminine Runner Rug for Valentine’s Day

What better way to say "I love you" than with a gift that'll last a lifetime! Valentine's Day will be here sooner than you think ...
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David Tiftickjian and Sons has oval rugs and Kazak rugs for any dining room.

An Oval Oriental Rug For Any Dining Room

When it comes to style, we all have our preferences. Some prefer sharp corners while others prefer rounded edges. Luckily, we have a rug to ...
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There are some benefits to installation new hardwood flooring in winter. David Tiftickjian & Sons offers professional hardwood installation.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood in Winter

Ready to make the switch from that 25 year old carpet to fresh new hardwood flooring? Now is the perfect time! One of the main ...
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Effectively control the noise level within your office space with commercial carpeting from David Tiftickjian and Sons in Williamsville, NY.

Effectively Control Noise with Commercial Carpet

Hardwood or tile floors have a large appeal to homebuyers but when it comes to office space, commercial carpeting offers a host of benefits you ...
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Warm up cool decor with a beautiful Kazak Rug area rug from David Tiftickjian and Sons in Buffalo, NY.

Warm Up Cool Decor With A Kazak Rug

Have you swapped your area rugs yet? The same way rotating your rugs helps them to wear evenly, routinely swapping your rugs helps to extend ...
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David Tiftickjian & Sons offers a vast collection of Karastan Rugs.

Consciously Created Karastan Rugs

Looking for an area rug that is: High quality and affordable Beautiful to look at Easy to incorporate with your existing decor Environmentally friendly A ...
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Help Insulate Rooms with Wool Area Rugs

Help Insulate Rooms with Wool Area Rugs

Besides beautifying your space, wool rugs help to insulate rooms and create warmth underfoot. A must-have during frigid winter months! Even a small area rug ...
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