Announcing Exciting New Additions to Our Collection

At David Tiftickjian & Sons, we only sell the highest quality pieces. Our wide selection of rugs are hand crafted to reflect the care and expertise required to produce these exquisite pieces. The laborious and time consuming nature of the production process make every piece a work of art and we are excited to bring you the newest additions to the David Tiftickjian & Sons Rug Collection.

Tufenkian Tibetan Collection:

The art of making carpets by hand using the finest materials is cherished and nurtured by Tufenkian. Each carpet is carefully crafted, using methods and techniques that are virtually unchanged over time to create beautiful contemporary design. Tibetan sheep produce lustrous, resilient wool that is considered the finest in the world for rug production. In order to preserve the natural character of its fibers, Tufenkian wool is never bleached or scoured. Each carpet is unique unto itself. Using simple, foot-powered wooden wheels, the wool is spun into yarn. This process creates many of the beautiful imperfections found in Tufenkian carpets.  There are usually four to five weavers for a 9’ x 12’ rug, which is made up of 650,000 to 1.5 million knots and takes an astonishing 3,000 hours of human labor to complete.

Antique Legends Collection



Since 1928 Karastan has offered the finest quality machined loomed pieces in the industry. With different takes on oriental designs from around the world, Karastan rugs are renowned for their beauty and durability. Their designs have remained popular since the companies inception and are often traded in or passed down after many years of use. Karastan offers full lines of lower price point wool and nylon pieces that are very attractive and constantly changing.  Since the 1930’s David Tiftickjian & Sons has embraced Karastan’s quality weave and accurate depictions of authentic oriental rugs. To this day, we are one of the country’s largest dealers, offering the full line of rugs and wall to wall carpeting.