Area Rugs vs. Wall to Wall Carpet : Making the Right Choice


If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable floor covering, there are two real choices: carpeting that covers from wall to wall, or an area rug with a defined shape that doesn’t conform to the exact dimensions of your room. Whether replacing an old rug or covering up laminate, hardwood, or tiles, there are a few things to consider.

Carpets, meaning those that run wall to wall, are secured to floor, generally tacked or cemented, with an underlying pad. This makes them entirely slip resistant and often gives the space a unified look, especially if used between multiple rooms. Carpets tend to be good for families with young children; they cover hard, cold surfaces and are great for young kids crawling on hands and knees. This option is also good in drier climates since dirt and moisture is more difficult to clean than with a large washable area rug. The same logic holds for people with severe indoor allergies.

Area rugs are the other option for those looking to avoid the cold of bare feet on bare floors. These are great for people interested in creating a unique theme for the decor from room to room. Apart from being easier to clean, area rugs are movable, and can be changed and rearranged to match furniture and wall color; ideal for the amateur interior designer. They can also introduce structure to an open layout that is hard to accomplish with furniture alone.

While the decision between area rugs and wall to wall carpeting is mainly about design preference and lifestyle, it is important to remember that once you buy an area rug, it’s yours forever. Wall to wall carpeting, once installed, will stay in the house until it needs to be replaced. Since it is specifically cut to be installed your space, you can’t just take it with you when you move. No matter your choice, a rug or carpet is a great investment in your home. Talk to the experts at David Tiftickjian & Sons about your options.