A High-End Rug For High-End Tastes

A high-quality rug is beautiful to behold, but compared to cheaper alternatives, is it really worth the price tag? In a word: yes. High-quality rugs like the ones we’ve meticulously collected over the last 130+ years are essentially la crème de la crème so to speak. These handknotted pieces showcase top craftsmanship and are a worthy investment for any home. Transform your interior spaces with a high-quality, High-End rug and:

  • Compliment existing decor
  • Create cohesion in interior design
  • Incorporate thought-provoking patterns and textures
  • Dampen echoes and reverberations
  • Protect hardwood flooring
  • Provide comfort and warmth, both visually and physically
  • Designate individual spaces in open-concept floorplans

Exude class and sophistication with pieces like Tift Tuesday pick, “HIGH-END 9ft. x 12ft. TRADITIONAL KASHAN!”

Shop online and ship anywhere in the USA, or visit our Downtown Buffalo or Williamsville showrooms to shop in person.


$7,800.00 $6,000.00

Transform your interior spaces with a high-quality, High-End rug.

Handpicked High-End Rugs

Since 1892, David Tiftickjian & Sons has been family owned and operated, and we couldn’t be more proud!
Over the last 130+ years we have accumulated a stunning array of new, used, antique, and vintage rugs from across the globe. We’re excited to say part of our current inventory is available to browse or purchase online.

To view our full inventory of one-of-a-kind rugs, we invite you to visit our Downtown Buffalo or Williamsville showrooms.