Looking Ahead To Fall Flooring

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Look ahead to your fall flooring needs and let David Tiftickjian & Sons find you the right hardwood floor option for your family.

On a bright, sunny August day you probably aren’t thinking about autumn. But looking ahead to fall flooring options can provide peace of mind as you prepare to upgrade your existing floor, and can make the transition smoother.

Hardwood flooring offers a variety of benefits for your family from increasing the value of your home to enhancing the appearance of your favorite living spaces to improving the air quality. (Hardwood doesn’t trap pet dander, pollen, dust, or other common allergens like carpet or the grout used to seal tile and laminate.)

From finding the right hardwood specials, style, and color to fit your family’s lifestyle and budget to installing your brand new hardwood floors, let David Tiftickjian & Sons be your one-stop shop.

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