The Advantages of Wall to Wall Carpeting

If you are thinking about making some changes in your home, but are overwhelmed by all the options, try looking at wall to wall carpeting. Carpeting is a great choice that can add warmth to any home. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should try wall to wall carpeting!


Nothing is more satisfying than stepping on a soft, plush carpet. Carpets give a warm, cozy feeling to any space whether you are running around in socks, slippers or bare feet. Carpet also cancels noise, dampening noise levels from children, spouses, pets or just generally noisy people. But aside from the satisfaction of stepping on a soft carpet, there is the satisfaction that it was installed correctly. Carpeting can be installed over any surface and can be quickly torn out and replaced. At David Tiftickjian & Sons, we employ only the BEST carpet installers/ technicians and each of our installers has been trained and is held to the strictest standards of courtesy and professionalism.  We will do every job to the best of our ability and not cut corners.


Carpets come in 4 different choices of fiber. So while you are picking colors, check out the different fibers! Nylon is the most commonly used carpet fiber and is the most versatile. It is durable, resilient, and receptive to dying for color versatility and uniformity; many new nylon yarn systems are also exceptionally soft. Polyester offers exceptional softness and color clarity, and it is also naturally stain and fade resistant. This fiber is good for low to medium traffic rooms, such as your bedroom. Polypropylene will not absorb water and must, therefore, be solution dyed (pigmented) to impart color. As a result, the color will not fade, even when exposed to intense sunlight, bleaches, atmospheric contaminants, or other harsh chemicals or elements. Wool is a natural fiber and the most expensive, but also most durable and versatile carpet type. As a plus, when it is time to be cleaned, wool is the only fiber that will look brand new when the cleaner is finished.


If you have allergies, a carpet may be a good choice for you. Why? A properly installed and clean carpet can reduce the number of airborne allergens within a room by up to 4 times. Despite common belief, studies show fewer asthma and allergy attacks are reported in homes with carpeting. Allergic reactions can happen when a carpet is dirty though, so make sure your carpet is professionally cleaned or replaced if you are having issues. 


Wall to wall carpeting is very cost effective. The cost of a carpet is relatively low, except for fine wool, when compared to hardwood and tile. And carpeting can save you more than just the initial cost from your wallet. Carpeting is known to insulate rooms up to 17 times better than other flooring products. It’s natural construction is known for keeping rooms warmer in the winter months and cooler during the summer. So while you are saving money, you are also saving energy.