Treat Your Mother To A Rug


This Mother’s day, take a trip to David Tiftickjian & Sons.

Oriental rugs are a labor of love that will be appreciated far beyond this Mother’s day.Your mother is one of a kind and oriental rugs are too. A stunningly attractive oriental rug will let them know you care. Choose a rug that represents her unique style and personality and will help her build her dream room.

Quality Pieces That Will Last Lifetimes

Oriental rugs can take days, months, or even years to make. Averaging 10,000 to 14,000 Turkish or Persian knots per person, a team of skilled weavers can only complete one or two inches of carpet per day. With the intricate designs, different dyes and textures, an oriental rug is a high quality, unique piece.These rugs are pieces of art that can be used to enhance almost any interior. It is easy to choose the style, design and color of the rug that will best fit the overall design motif of your home. These rugs offer exquisite detail and elegance that will stand the test of time and last generations.

Tiftickjian & Sons

A family tradition, David Tiftickjian & Sons Oriental Rugs has provided quality service and reliability for over 100 years. We have accumulated an unbelievable selection of used and trade-in rugs over the last 100 years and our prices cannot be matched. Our rugs add color and distinction to any room. They are easy to service and a life long possession. Make an oriental rug a part of your family by stopping into one of our two great locations and taking a look around.