A Winter Inspired Stair Runner Rug

David Tiftickjian and Sons carries a wide variety of stair runner rugs to fit your flooring needs. We also offer professional rug installation!

Stairs are an essential part of any multilevel home and while you may want to show off that gorgeous hardwood, stairs see daily foot traffic. Installing a quality stair runner rug will protect white risers and wood treads from general wear and tear. A stair runner also increases traction underfoot, making it safer for you, your children, and guests!

At David Tiftickjian and Sons we can help you find the perfect stair runner to fit your staircase no matter its shape, from traditional straight staircases to double landings to pie steps AND install it for you! Go the extra step and get a matching hallway runner to compliment your stairs.

Interested in getting a stair runner rug installed in your home or business? Contact David Tiftickjian & Sons today to get started: