It’s Time to Make the Switch


There is never a bad time to increase the value of your home. And with the hardwood flooring expertise of David Tiftickjian & Sons, it couldn’t be easier. Fall is coming, and with it the last of the warm weather for the year. Don’t miss an opportunity to install new hardwood flooring before the cold descends. Make sure your house feels like home this winter with the perfect update.

As a certified Mohawk reseller, David Tiftickjian & Sons has exactly what you’re looking for. With a variety of flooring options, they can help you find the perfect element to complete any room in your house. Hardwood flooring is a clean, low maintenance investment that will pay you back year after year.

Add value. Consumers across the real estate market are looking for beautiful new homes, and hardwood is in high demand. Hardwood floors are one of the most sought after surface flooring in remodeling and new home construction. Many people are willing to pay higher rates for the beauty of quality flooring. Wood floors also match just about any decor, and can help new buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Invest in an affordable, durable, hardwood floor and never replace that carpet again.

Add style. Hardwood flooring also gives you the opportunity to add color, texture, and contrast to any room in your house. From exotic Brazilian Cherry to domestic oak and pine, there is an option that will bring unique character to your home. In fact, with plank width options in all sizes, you can change the entire feel of a room without limiting future design options.

Add peace of mind. Hardwood floors also contribute to a healthier living environment. Hard surface flooring doesn’t trap dust mites or mold and can help maintain a good air quality for allergy sufferers. You have enough to worry about as it is; don’t add stains, pet odors, or dirt and dust to the list.


From domestic species to exotic woods, from residential to commercial sites, from one room to your whole house, the options are endless. Make sure your home is looking its best with new hardwood flooring and benefit from your decision well into the future.