Carpet: Better Bedroom Flooring

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David Tiftickjian & Sons offers professional residential carpet installation. Learn about the benefits of bedroom carpet.

“Hardwood or carpet?” is an age old question with an ever changing answer based on your needs, lifestyle, budget, and style goals. But when it comes to bedroom flooring, carpet provides several benefits that make it a go-to option for many.

  1. Create a quiet retreat. Unlike hardwood that echoes noise, carpet absorbs it, reducing the sound of footfalls and other activity. A great benefit for couples who get up on different schedules!
  2. Add warmth and cushion underfoot. Unlike chilly hardwood, carpet is naturally warmer and softer, providing cushion underfoot at the end of a long day.
  3. Reduce risk of slipping or injury from falling. Carpet increases traction to reduce your risk of slipping (especially in the dark) and provides a softer landing spot for child and babies who tumble out of bed or while playing.

If you’re considering new residential carpet in your bedroom and want to view samples or you’re ready to take the next step with our carpet installation service, contact us today at 716-634-8835.

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